Metal Stud Framing.Downstream application of special stainless steel

Metal Stud Framing.Downstream application of special stainless steel. Special stainless steel contains high nickel, high chromium and high molybdenum in alloy composition, so it has better high temperature resistance or corrosion resistance than ordinary stainless steel.

Special stainless steel is mainly used in petrochemical, marine engineering, shipbuilding, energy and other high-end equipment manufacturing fields.

(1) Application of special stainless steel in petrochemical industry.

Petrochemical facilities and equipment have high requirements for safety and reliability, and most of them operate under harsh conditions such as high temperature, high pressure and high corrosion, so there are more stringent requirements for the related properties of stainless steel working in this kind of environment. Therefore, the special stainless steel with the characteristics of high pressure and high corrosion resistance is an important basic component in petrochemical facilities and equipment, which has been widely used in furnace tubes, material transportation, heat exchangers and other facilities and equipment. The special stainless steel industry for petrochemical industry also benefits from the rapid development of China's petrochemical industry.

According to the "guidance on promoting the High-quality Development of the Petrochemical Industry during the 14th five-year Plan" jointly issued by the 14th five-year Plan and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China's petrochemical industry will basically form a high-quality development pattern of strong independent innovation, reasonable structural layout, green, safe and low carbon in 2025. The guarantee capability of high-end products has been greatly improved and the core competitiveness has been significantly enhanced. A high level of self-reliance and self-improvement has made solid progress. The resulting petrochemical equipment renewal and investment need to further open the application scene and market space of high-end special stainless steel.

(2) Application of special stainless steel in marine engineering and ship field.

In the process of traditional ship construction, special stainless steel is mainly used to manufacture salt-resistant and acid-resistant pipelines, including pumps, valves and other key components; with the continuous increase in the production of liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas carriers and stainless steel cargo tank chemical tankers, the consumption of special stainless steel in the ship field has also increased significantly.

(3) Application of special stainless steel in energy field.

In the field of civil nuclear power, special stainless steel is mainly used in nuclear island, conventional island, auxiliary equipment and other fields, such as heat transfer pipe in steam generator, cooling water pipeline and so on. According to estimates, the cost of nuclear power evaporators accounts for 8% of the nuclear island part of nuclear power equipment investment, while special stainless steel is mainly used in nuclear power evaporators. A nuclear power plant with a 1 million kilowatt unit needs about 140150 tons of nuclear power evaporator tubes. In addition, special stainless steel can also be used in boilers and pressure vessels in the field of nuclear power. With the acceleration of nuclear power plant construction and the export of nuclear power equipment, the demand for special stainless steel for nuclear power plant will increase rapidly. At present, there are few domestic enterprises with nuclear power grade special stainless steel production capacity and production license, and most of the special stainless steel used in nuclear power plants (especially the special stainless steel for nuclear power evaporators) still need to be imported. Therefore, in the context of the above market, the first enterprises with production capacity will have the opportunity to occupy this high-end market and gradually replace imported products, so as to share the rich benefits of the rapid growth of the high-end market.

In addition to nuclear power, special stainless steel can be used in steam turbines, boilers, pressure vessels and other power generation equipment, and in supercritical, ultra-supercritical and other advanced thermal power units. In recent years, China encourages the coal power industry to continuously improve power generation efficiency and encourage the development of high parameter units such as supercritical and ultra-supercritical units. From the perspective of economic benefits, under the premise of ensuring heating, meeting the emission standards and maintaining high thermal efficiency, high parameter units will become the major trend of the future development of the thermal power industry. With the continuous development of thermal power and other energy fields, the application space of special stainless steel will continue to improve.