Led profile light design.Domestic NOR Flash

Led profile light design.Domestic NOR Flash. Xinxin 50nm is in mass production. Xinxin has accumulated more than ten years of R & D and manufacturing experience in the flash memory field. Through joint research and development with Spansion, a world-class enterprise in the flash memory field, and constantly iterating the process technology, the core NOR Flash process node has been extended from the original 90nm to 65nm, and even to the more advanced 45 and 32nm.

With advanced process control level and stable quality assurance and supply capacity, Xinxin has become a trusted partner of world-renowned customers.

In 2016, with the global semiconductor industry continuing to undergo deep adjustment and integration, and the market experiencing a slight recession, Xinxin needs to reconsider how the company can seek new profit growth points on the basis of its existing business. At this time, domestic semiconductor manufacturers are focused on the pursuit of high-end technology. In order to effectively control enterprise risk and balance capacity utilization, Xinxin chose another way and decided to dig deeply into the new growth path of NOR Flash business, which has been ploughed for many years.

Based on the deep technology accumulation in the flash memory field and the in-depth understanding of the market and customer needs, Xinxin recently launched the industry-leading SPI NOR Flash wide-voltage product line XM25QWxxC, which is built by 50nm Floating Gate process. This series of products range in capacity from 16Mb to 256Mb, support low-power and wide-voltage operation, and provide flexible design solutions for Internet of things, wearable devices and other power-sensitive applications.

The XM25QWxxC series can read up to 133MHz in the voltage range from 1.65V to 3.6V (supported in all single / dual / quad SPI and QPI modes) and can better support the operational requirements of battery-powered portable products. After the power supply voltage drops, the clock speed does not slow down, and its transmission rate can be better than 8-bit and 16-bit parallel flash memory. Efficient memory access can be achieved in continuous read mode, and 24-bit addresses can be read in only 8 clock instruction cycles, thus realizing real on-chip execution (XIP,eXecute In Place) operations, so that the system can read instructions directly from Flash flash memory and execute them without having to read the code into RAM to run, which speeds up data processing and better meets the real-time requirements of all kinds of embedded applications.

This series of products are not only outstanding in the voltage range and data reading, but also can reach the industrial temperature range from-40 ℃ to 105 ℃. This can meet the Internet of things, industrial control, communications and other application modules that require stringent external working environment. Lexin Technology said: "the capacity of this series of products we cooperate with Xinxin covers 16-128Mbit, and its new products support low power consumption and wide voltage operation, and the high temperature can reach 105C, which can meet the application requirements of Lexin Technology's full range of Internet of things chips, smart home and industrial modules."

In addition to supporting SOP8 and USON8 small-size packages, the XM25QWxxC series will also launch WLCSP packages for size-constrained applications such as wearable devices in medium and high-capacity products to help customers maximize space utilization. The full range of products support Known Good Die (KGD) solutions and provide customers with RDL services to meet their customized SiP needs.

"the XM25QWxxC series products adopt the industry's advanced 50nm Floating Gate process, which further improves the competitiveness in terms of performance and cost." Mr. Sun Peng, vice president of Xinxin Operations Center, said, "in view of the fast-growing IoT and 5G markets, Xinxin will continue to invest in the research and development of own-brand flash memory products, continue to expand the product line, and bring customers more cost-effective products and solutions."

Xinxin's 50nm products have been optimized in Channel length, Layout, Design rule and peripheral circuits, effectively saving chip area and having the lowest comprehensive cost in the world. Among them, the 256Mb large-capacity and wide-voltage product die size is about 15% smaller than the mainstream products in the market, and can support SOP8 small-size packaging.

Based on the company's advanced flash memory R & D technology and efficient product R & D system in the field of NOR Flash, stable and reliable production platform and fast response delivery capacity, Xinxin is confident to promote its own brand NOR Flash business to PC, communications, electricity meters and other high-end application markets, and subsequent larger capacity, smaller size, lower power consumption, higher standards products will also be gradually introduced to the market.