Drywall Installation.How do you shape the plasterboard?

Drywall Installation.How do you shape the plasterboard? As far as decoration is concerned, not a single detail can be let go; take the doorway, for example, in addition to the rectangular doorway design, there is also a very popular arch design. Today, let's plate it!

Appearance is justice! At the beginning, we insisted on changing the doorway, and through the treatment of the arch of the doorway, there was a sense of visual stretching, which made the interior even higher!

However, the special shape, natural construction will be more troublesome, so the construction cost is definitely higher than the ordinary doorway, so you can choose one or two doorways at home to be designed in this way.

Compared with the doorway that needs to be installed, the arch design of the pass has a higher performance-to-price ratio and a higher appearance; you can choose the doorway of the aisle, the dry area of the toilet and the doorway of the balcony.

Many people like the design of the arch, but they don't understand how the arch is made.

Plan 1: the Radian shape made of plasterboard.

Design notes:

1 plasterboard is a very plastic material, can do a variety of Radian modeling, the doorway is like this.

2 if it is a new wall, you can choose to use pure plasterboard design, cost-effective.

(3) for the load-bearing wall to be changed into an arch, the plasterboard can be inlaid at the original square door hole to make a Radian shape.

Wait for the overall shape to be done, first mend the nail hole. After painting the surface, an arched doorway can be obtained.

Plan 2: Radian modeling with wood.

The arc shape of the arch, you can also choose wood design, the same construction principle. Compared with the two, plasterboard modeling is more cost-effective.

The styling is solved, and the style of the appearance can be planned in detail.

1. Exposed wall.

Without any decoration, only the arch doorway is retained, showing a simple and generous sense of beauty.

2. Brush latex paint.

Brush the color latex paint on the inside of the doorway, as if installed with a door cover, effectively improve the appearance.

3. Door cover.

To prevent bumping into the doorway at ordinary times, you can also choose to install the door cover.

There are two main materials of door cover: wooden door cover and metal door cover.

The wooden door cover can do many shapes, and the effect is natural and simple.

The metal door cover has high appearance and strong sense of fashion.

There is no difference between the two door covers, just choose according to the decoration style of your own home.

4. Arc treatment.

The arch is round enough, how to deal with the arc? It can be more round! The original horizontal and vertical doorway to do soft arc treatment to improve the appearance.

If you want the design of the arch to be more personalized, we can also choose the semi-arch! The design method is the same as the arch, use plasterboard to do arc shape, later on the surface can be painted with latex paint.

Decorating the house as one's own ideal is not only the planning of the overall layout, but also the details; a small arch design can make the daily entry and exit full of rituals, so why not do it?