9mm cfc sheeting

9mm cfc sheeting. What are the core contents? EN71 is the standard for toy products in the EU market.

Children are the most concerned and cherished group in the whole society. the toy market that children generally like is developing rapidly. at the same time, all kinds of toys cause harm to children from time to time due to various quality problems. therefore, the requirements of countries all over the world for toys in their own market are becoming more and more strict. Many countries have established their own safety regulations for these products, and production companies must ensure that their products meet the relevant standards before they are sold in the region. The manufacturer must be responsible for accidents caused by production defects, poor design or the use of inappropriate materials. As a result, the toy EN71 certification law is introduced in Europe, which means to standardize the toy products entering the European market through EN71 standards, so as to reduce or avoid the harm of toys to children.

EN 71-1: physical and mechanical testing.

Including silent toys, vocal toys, headphone vocal toys, toy cabinet 7000 switch test, riding toys, mouth movement toys; including drop test, small parts test, sharp edge test, tension test, pressure test, seam test, component test, ear, nose and eye tension test, torque test and so on.

EN 71-2: flammability test.

These include:

1. Finished product.

2. Fluffy fabric or fluff material.

3. Liquid flash point test.

EN 71-3:8 toxic metal content test: (lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, barium, mercury, selenium, antimony).

Limit standard: lead ≤ 90, cadmium ≤ 75, chromium ≤ 60, arsenic ≤ 25, barium ≤ 1000, mercury ≤ 60, selenium ≤ 1000, antimony ≤ 60 units: (PPM).

EN71-1: physical machinery.

4.1 Materials materials are visually free of sundries, pollution, etc.

4.2 Assembly assembly.

This clause deals with toys that must be assembled or improperly assembled before play (typical toys: riding toys, which are shipped in bulk at the time of sale). Adult assembly requires instructions and reminders like "assembled by adults".

4.3 Flexible Plastic Sheeting soft plastic film.

When the size of the soft plastic film is larger than 100mm × 100mm, the thickness of the film must be greater than 0.038mm or any.

The opening area within the range of 30mm × 30mm is not less than 1%. Plastic film balloons in the uninflated state of the double layer thickness and greater than 0.038mm, this clause does not apply to latex balloons.

4.4 Toy Bags toy bag.

Bags with opening perimeter larger than 380mm and sealed with pull rope should conform to at least one of the following two: 1. The bag is made of breathable material. There are vents with an area of at least 1300mm2, which can be achieved by two holes at least 150mm apart, or by a single vent with an area of at least 1300mm2.

4.5 Glass glass.

Accessible glass is not applicable to children over 3 years of age except under the following circumstances.

1. Functional (typical sample: light bulb, microscope lens, beaker).

two。. Reinforced glass fiber.

3. Glass marbles or glass eyeballs of toys.

4.6 Expanding Materials expansive material.

For toys made of expansive materials, if there are small parts before and after abuse, the expansion rate in either direction should not exceed 50% after the expansion test.

4.7 Edges Riverside.

Accessible metal or glass should not have sharp edges, and metal edges should not have burrs. In toys for children over 3 years old, if.

If there is a functional sharp edge, you need to add a warning to remind the user (typical toy: pencil sharpener, need to add similar warning on the package: warningstone Pencil sharpener present sharp edges,not suitable for children under 3years due to function sharp edges.) sharp edge instrument and sharp point instrument.

4.8 Points and Metallic Wires cusps and wires.

The accessible tip should not be a sharp point. if there is a functional sharp point in the toy for children over 3 years old, it is necessary to add a warning to remind the user (typical toy: sewing needle, need a warning on the package.) there is a flexible wire on the toy, which can not be broken after testing.

4.9Protruding Parts protruding parts exist in a protruding manner and pose a risk of stabbing to children. Pipes and rigid parts need to be protected, and the protective device cannot fall off after the tension test. The end of the umbrella banner also needs to be protected.

4.10Parts moving against each other: components in relative motion.

4.10.1Folding and sliding mechanisms folding mechanism.

1. Toy cart.

two。. Ironing board.

3. Folding chairs, etc.

The main purpose is to prevent the danger of collapse, extrusion, scratches and so on.

4.10.2Driving Mechanisms driving mechanism.

Remote control cars, wind-up toys and other mechanical structures shall not be exposed, the gap between the winding key or starting handle and the main body of the toy shall not be between 5mm and 12mm, and there shall be no opening in the winding or handle that can be inserted into the 5mm round rod.

The gap between the cover and the main body with a 4.10.3Hinges hinge weight greater than 250g cannot be between the 5-12mm.

4.10.4Springs spring.

1. The clearance of the contactable coil spring cannot be greater than 3mm.

two。. When the accessible spiral tension spring is subjected to 40N tension, the gap between the two adjacent coils can not be large.