Board de yeso. ¿Cómo construir el techo de la cocina?

Gypsum Board.How to construct the kitchen ceiling? After detailed measurement work, the "elastic line method" is used to pop up the horizontal line on the wall with ink, determine the horizontal position, and mark the corresponding range on each line, so as to facilitate the wood square to be nailed into the pores in the later stage.

01. How to construct the kitchen ceiling?

1. Install the corner line

After detailed measurement

Use the "snap line method" to snap a horizontal line on the wall with ink

Determine the horizontal position

Mark each line range accordingly

It is convenient to nail the wood square into the hole in the later stage

2. Hanging screw rod expansion support on the top of the kitchen

Make measurements at the top of the space

After the dimension measurement is correct, drill holes for installation and mark

The expansion bolt on the screw support is nailed into the eyelet for installation

Remember to use expansion bolts instead of foam nails

In this way, a vertical suspension bracket was installed on the top of the kitchen

3. Install the main keel and aluminum gusset plate

The main keel will be hung on this vertical support

Then snap the auxiliary keel on the installed main keel with metal gasket

There is no problem measuring the dimensions

The aluminum gusset plate can be installed

In areas with irregular corner edges

Cut the appropriate size according to the position before installation

02. Is the ceiling installed first in the kitchen or the hanging cabinet installed first?

This is about kitchen ceiling installation

Many people dispute very different issues

Is the hanging cabinet installed first or the ceiling installed first?

First, there are two cases

In case of waterproof gypsum board ceiling

The ceiling must be suspended first, and then the hanging cabinet must be made

If it is aluminum gusset plate or honeycomb plate

The hanging cabinet must be installed first, and then the ceiling

If the aluminum gusset plate ceiling is adopted, install the ceiling first and then the hanging cabinet

There will be a gap at the closing between the ceiling and the hanging cabinet

The hanging cabinet covers the closing line of the ceiling

It is easy to accumulate ash and breed cockroaches in the existing gap

Some people may want to install it from board to top

At the junction of ceiling and ceiling

Sealing treatment with glass glue

This operation lacks the beautiful effect of closing the edge strip

And there is no visual sense of hierarchy

If the hanging cabinet is installed first and then the ceiling is installed

Then the junction of the ceiling of the hanging cabinet shall be closed

It perfectly enriches the sense of hierarchy and integrity

And there is no gap

In addition, the smoke exhaust pipe and power socket of the range hood

And exhaust gas exhaust pipe of gas water heater

And gas pipelines shall be embedded in advance before installing the ceiling

So as to avoid all kinds of problems and unnecessary troubles in the later stage