Profiles de yeso. Cómo clavar clavos en la pared

Drywall Profiles.How to hammer nails into the wall. Victoria belongs to the western region, and the structure of the wall is completely different from that of China. Most of the walls in China are cement walls, which need to be smashed directly with cement nails, while the walls here are hollow plasterboard (Drywall).

Is to use 2 × 4 or 2 × 6 strips of wood to build a cavity, water pipes, wires are passed through the middle, and then use plasterboard to seal the surface as a wall.

And the plasterboard thickness is only 1 cm thick, so the general nail can not be used, must use screws.

Another thing to note is that Canada has very strict building standards. The construction of a new house requires that the distance between the Stud and Stud behind the wall must be 16 inches or 24 inches (click here for details). The purpose is to ensure that the strips have a balanced support for the floor or roof.

Knowing that these two data are the basis for hammering nails into the wall, the most effective way is to go to HomeDepot or Costco to buy an in-wall detector (Stud Finder) with a price between 20 and 40, which is absolutely a very necessary investment to break the wall. It is definitely more time-consuming and laborious to finish painting than to hammer in a nail at a time. Remember: the wood at the back of the plasterboard is about 5 centimeters (2 inches) wide. If you find it, screw it in and everything will be fine.

What if there is no Stud in the place where the nail is to be hammered? Never take screws to deal with, otherwise once the screws fall off, it will cause a large hole in the plasterboard, which is very ugly, and there will be water vapor in the future. Be sure to use wall anchors (Drywall Anchor), which are sold in HomeDepot,Canadian Tire and even dollar stores (Dollar Store,Dollaramat), with all kinds of matching:

First hit a corresponding size hole with a drill (be very careful not to use the drill too fast, if you feel that there is a hard object in the back immediately retract, the back may be a water pipe or electric pipe, the damage, the consequence is far from mending the wall). Then match the corresponding screws.

Finally, I repeat that hammering nails is far more important than mending walls. Hanging a picture, towel rack, bookshelf and so on is also much more important to the beauty of the room.