Ceiling Batten16mm Installation Steps

Ceiling Batten16mm Installation Steps.The Hopestar Strongback system is designed to combine with Hopestar22mm lath.

See below for installation instructions.

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Installation instructions.

Step 1:prepare.

Determine the height of the finished ceiling according to architectural design and mechanical service requirements.

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Step 2:perimeter channel.

Use 8 32mm screws to secure the perimeter passage around the edge of the wall at 600 centers.This will provide sufficient edge support to supplement the suspension assembly.

Peripheral passageway of steel rolling products co.,Ltd.

Step 3:eyedropper installation.

Place the 20 x 20 solid suspension string or steel wire above the Strongback in the specified center.Tie the wire or screw the sling to the Strongback.Unscrew the wire around the vertical strand in a full circle,then contract itself at least 3 times to set the height of the spine so that the lath can be connected below the spine and landed in the peripheral passage.

Eyedropper installation of Steel Rolling products Co.,Ltd.

Step 4:Strongback installation.

The stiffening plate is connected by lapping 200mm back to back and tightening the connection with two self-tapping round head screws.If a perimeter runway is used,the upper leg provides a suitable landing point for a strong back.If an angle is used,a short lath Packer is provided between the Strongback and the angle,or the lath is placed close to the perimeter angle.Once the ribbon is placed on the surface of the ceiling lath at the appropriate fixed point,lock the ceiling lath to the front edge of the back of the C Strong with the ribbon receiving slot.

Strongback installation of Steel Rolling products Co.,Ltd.

Step 5:lath joint.

The lath connection can be achieved by using a lath connector with a minimum length of 200mm to allow the butt joint of each side of the 100mm to overlap.These must be secured in place with wafer technology screws,at least two screws are within the 100mm range,and the distance from the butt joint itself must not be less than 12mm.All lath connections and Strongback connections should be staggered.

Steel rolled products Co.,Ltd.Lath connection.

Step 6:fix the end of the lath.

Secure the end of the lath to the perimeter with a round head screw.

The ceiling lath spacing of 10mm Gib gypsum board is 450center,and the spacing of 13mm Gib gypsum lath is 600center.

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