Z-furring Channel Installation.Which kind of fur is the best?

Z-furring Channel Installation.Which kind of fur is the best? The warmth index and texture of fur have a lot to do with the quality of fur.

1. Mink fur.

Mink is not only of good quality but also of texture. Many of the more expensive furs are made of mink. Mink fur is short and smooth, and the clothes made will not look bloated on the body, so mink fur is very popular. The fine mink fur is fine and light, the surface hair is long and full of unique luster, and the fluff is rich and soft. Female minks are narrower, smaller and softer, and mink hairs are shorter, and the products are usually more expensive than male mink coats.

two。. Fox skin.

Fox fur is one of the most commonly used furs in fur fashion. High-quality fox fur is fine and rich, and the fur is elastic and full of movement. Fox skin has a variety of natural colors to choose from, such as silver fox, blue fox, white fox, brown fox, red fox and gray fox. The fur made from fox skin not only has a good style and texture, but also has a super high warmth index. However, now we call for the protection of animals, so I still hope that you will not choose animal fur! In fact, synthetic fur is also very good!

3. Sable skin.

Sable is one of the most valuable fur fabrics, extremely lightweight, with crown sable brown with blue and golden sable in amber hue. Sable fur is soft and smooth, rich in brown luster and with silky black long hair is preferred. The finest sable has long silver hair and is evenly distributed over the whole fur. Sable is the exclusive product of the Russian czar, and even up to now, the export of raw skin is still limited.

4. Sheepskin.

Sheepskin is made of uniform wavy lambskin, thick and curly thick wool sheepskin, a wide variety of different kinds and a variety of textures to choose from. If you like expensive and high-end fur, you can choose high-quality (Persian) sheepskin, Russian thick-tailed sheepskin, or dynamic Mongolian wool, which are of high quality.

5. Green purple orchid.

Green purple orchid can also be called chinchilla, green purple orchid is a rodent from the Andes of South America, the size of the mink than the mink chinchilla shape is very similar to rabbits and squirrels, small and fat, the head is like a rabbit tail like a squirrel. High-quality green purple fur dense slender gloss, bright and smooth if velvet, feel very soft and smooth, many high-end furs are made of green purple hair!