What Is Top Cross Rail

What Is Top Cross Rail.Interior Utility Angles

The Hopestar Building Hopestar®range of Interior Utility angles are manufactured from 50ksi steel with a minimum of G40 galvanized coating.Utility angle is used in a variety of applications including corner reinforcement and soffit construction.

Standard length is 10’

Available with leg heights of 1-1/2”,2”,2-1/2”,3”and 4”

Custom lengths and sizes are available

Product Code Product Information Width(mm)Design thickness Coating Mils Lb/ft

UA-11218 Interior Utility Angles 1-1/2"0.0188 G40 18 Mils 0.21

UA-11230 Interior Utility Angles 1-1/2"0.0312 G40 30 Mils 0.32

UA-11218-G60 Interior Utility Angles 1-1/2"0.0188 G60 18 Mils 0.21

UA-11230-G60 Interior Utility Angles 1-1/2"0.0312 G60 30 Mils 0.32

UA-1230 Interior Utility Angles 1"0.0312 G40 30 Mils 0.32

UA-1230-G60 Interior Utility Angles 1"0.0312 G60 30 Mils 0.32

UA-218 Interior Utility Angles 2"0.0188 G40 18 Mils 0.27

UA-230 Interior Utility Angles 2"0.0312 G40 30 Mils 0.41

UA-218-G60 Interior Utility Angles 2"0.0188 G60 18 Mils 0.27

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