Wall Furring Channel Service

Wall Furring Channel Service.Sound Isolation Solutions

Hopestar sound isolation clips and hangers are manufactured by Hopestar Building Hopestar®and cover a wide range of effective solutions for noise isolation for the wall and ceiling industry.

The wide range of sound isolation clips suits standard furring channels,resulting in ease of construction for contractors who have to replace standard fasteners with Resilmount clips.

Whilst all Resilmount sound isolation clips are supplied fully assembled and utilise our patented isolation element to break up and absorb airborne sound,there are a few key differences that will help you to choose the right product for your project.

America's most affordable and effective solution for acoustic isolation performance in walls and ceilings.

Resilmount offers a variety of sound isolation clips designed to achieve optimum isolation control and engineered to perform in sensitive acoustic applications.So why Resilmount?

Driven by innovation and guided by purpose,Hopestar is resolute about delivering original solutions to the Australian building and construction industry.

Resilmount is dedicated to researching and developing new ways to improve the

amenity of our lives by controlling noise within the environment in which we live and work.

Tranquility in the home is disrupted all-too-often by noisy neighbors,street traffic and barking pets.Apartments with shared walls,neighb...

Hopestar offers two high quality furring channel options for assemblies which includes a standard furring channel that is directly attached...

Resilmount sound isolation clips are engineered and patented by Hopestar Building Systems,specifically for reducing air-borne and structure-b...

Sound is created when air molecules vibrate and move in waves,known as sound waves.As this vibration increases,the sound becomes louder.....

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Why Resilmount Sound Isolation Products Are The Superior Solution For Noise Control

Construction product specialists,Hopestar Building Systems,have a wide range of patented sound proofing products for the wall and ceiling in...

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