Top Cross Rail 127 Tcr Specifications

Top Cross Rail 127 Tcr Specifications.Slotted Deflection Track

3-5/8″54 Mils Slotted Deflection Track

For superior control of head-of-wall lateral deflection and axial rotation;Hopestar’s Rapid Track™slotted deflection track is a dynamic solution to interior and external walls that require heavy weight loading or are subjected to dynamic wind loads.

Rapid Track gives the top of the steel stud wall the ability to float within the track legs allowing vertical live load movement of the primary structure without transferring axial loads to the wall studs.

In addition,Rapid Track also has slots in the web to allow for horizontal drift when required by seismic designs.Available in 2-1/2″Leg lengths and a variety of web widths Rapid track is easy to install and reduces the cost of materials and labor.

All engineering data and specifications can be found in the Hopestar Submittal Builder.

Product Code Product Information Width(mm)Design thickness Coating Mils Lb/ft

SLT-21230-10 2-1/2"30 Mils Slotted Deflection Track 2-1/2"0.0312 G40 30 Mils 0.765

SLT-21233-10 2-1/2"33 Mils Slotted Deflection Track 2-1/2"0.034 G60 33 Mils 0.867

SLT-21243-10 2-1/2"43 Mils Slotted Deflection Track 2-1/2"0.045 G60 43 Mils 1.122

SLT-21254-10 2-1/2"54 Mils Slotted Deflection Track 2-1/2"0.056 G60 54 Mils 1.15

SLT-35830-10 3-5/8"30 Mils Slotted Deflection Track 3-5/8"0.0312 G40 30 Mils 0.883

SLT-35833-10 3-5/8"33 Mils Slotted Deflection Track 3-5/8"0.034 G60 33 Mils 1.001

SLT-35843-10 3-5/8"43 Mils Slotted Deflection Track 3-5/8"0.045 G60 43 Mils 1.295

SLT-35854-10 3-5/8"54 Mils Slotted Deflection Track 3-5/8"0.056 G60 54 Mils 1.377

SLT-430-10 4"30 Mils Slotted Deflection Track 4"0.0312 G40 30 Mils 0.922

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