Gypsum. ¿Dónde necesitas evitar el foso?

gypsum.Where do you need to avoid the pit? From the 1950s to the 1990s, enamel was a beloved everyday thing in ordinary families, which means something like a good thing for online celebrities.

"I was holding a net bag, in which bottles and cans, tofu and sweet noodle sauce in two porcelain lid bowls could not tilt it sideways, and a large yellow sprout had to be sideways, not to crush the eggs underneath. It was very hard to hold and hold it."

In the past, there was no clear distinction between enamel and enamel until 1956, when China defined the concept of enamel.

Enamel is equivalent to artistic enamel, with gold, silver, copper or precious metal as the substrate, and the surface workmanship is also extremely exquisite, while daily necessities based on iron or aluminum are called enamel.

In essence, it is metal + glassy glaze, and then fired at high temperature. It's just that the bottom layer turned into steel.

The advantage of this composition is that the enamel board has both a solid foundation and a bright face.

In China, enamel boards are actually very common. Taking the subway and walking through the airport may not have noticed that many walls are made of enamel boards, as well as the facades of some buildings, which are basically used in tooling.

On the other hand, the enamel board in home decoration mainly depends on Japan. About the popularity of this material there, I interviewed local home bloggers and some friends who used to study abroad.

Japanese apartments are basically hardcover rooms, kitchens and bathrooms are installed, ceramic tiles are rarely used, enamel board is a more common and commonly used material, and if you build your own house, you can choose a lot of materials.

In fact, before I really come into contact with the enamel board, I look at the overall effect that everyone pretends to be. I have no idea at all.

When you really get a sample, the first feeling is: it's so thin.

The general enamel board 0.4mm is thick, while the eldest brother in the industry Takara Standard specification is between 0.8mm-1.3mm.

It's a little thicker than paper, and the contrast with a pen is very obvious.

I bought three brands of enamel board, Polyvision, Hiceral and JFE, to show you what it actually looks like.

Among them, Polyvision is Belgian, Hiceral and JFE are Japanese.

From the positive point of view, the six white boards actually have little difference in color, and you have to use samples to compare them with the cabinets at home when you buy them.

There is a slight difference in surface texture, such as the Hiceral glossy model, which is somewhat textured in the light.

The mute face of Hiceral is not so bright by comparison, and it also has small lines.

Except for Hiceral, the other four models have glaze treatment on the back of the six models.

First of all, the surface of the enamel board is vitreous glaze, so it is said to be very clean.

During the evaluation, I thought, if you wipe the stain as soon as you get it, of course you will clean it as soon as you wipe it.

If you want to do it realistically, sprinkle cooking oil / soy sauce / vinegar on 6 boards and let stand for 5 days.

Although my friend who has an enamel board at home said to wipe it with electrolytic water, in the end I only used a rag wet with clean water.

It can be said that the rest time and wiping tools determine my "self-inflicted". If the oil is easy to wipe, soy sauce and vinegar will be very tenacious after solidification, especially when there is salt in soy sauce, which is more difficult to wipe after crystallization.

If you buy an enamel board, you'd better clean it within three days.

The arms were sore off, but in the end, all six boards were clean, and there was no staining or oozing of color. "good cleanliness" really lived up to its reputation.

And another feature of the enamel board is that the block is large, and the specifications of Takara are 910*2400mm, 910*2700mm and 910*1500mm, which can not be customized. the three brands tested are 1.2m wide and customizable in length.

Ceramic tile surface can also be wiped clean, the difficulty is in the gap.

Compared with non-large tiles, the enamel board has fewer gaps or even seamless, so it is naturally better to clean.

Even if the installation is due to size problems, two boards need to be put together, and there are gaps in the surface, so it is not a big problem to clean.

Another attraction of the enamel board is that it can be magnetically absorbed, so you no longer have to be afraid of drilling holes to destroy the wall.

It contains iron, and you only need to match the storage objects with magnets to create your own storage system.

For example, shelves, grain cans, hooks, paper towel racks, according to living habits randomly arrange the position, but also can later replace objects, adjust the position, the degree of freedom is much higher than the ceramic tile wall.

Of course, the magnetic knife holder can also make the enamel board work, of course, the material must be both metal and magnet, so that both sides can be firmly absorbed.

Compared with putting the knife in a cabinet or wooden knife holder, it is better ventilated and less likely to develop bacteria.

Remember to strictly control the quality of magnetic suction products, the higher the built-in magnet content, the greater the magnetism, the stronger the suction, the current magnetic tools still have grooves, which can better ensure that they will not fall off, that is, you should look at the size before buying.

The enamel board shared by fan xc contains small objects. This kind of small round jar is suitable for storing small seasonings and has a good appearance.

Pre-installed enamel board kitchen and bathroom, with small hooks, seasoning boxes and clapboards, frequently used pots and condiments do not have to open drawers to take, small sundries on the wall, but also free storage space.

The hand towels and hand sanitizers next to the sink are also arranged by magnetic absorption racks.

Of course, with the enamel board, you can use your home as much as you like, and it is not only suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, but also suitable for walls such as porches and desks.

It is said that the enamel board has the advantage of anti-scratching, so I cut 6 boards violently with a wallpaper knife.

The results obtained are sorted according to scratch resistance, which are JFE smooth > Polyv respectively.