Gypsum Board Material Name.Promote the leapfrog development of the industry

Gypsum Board Material Name.Promote the leapfrog development of the industry. In order to comprehensively and efficiently implement various decisions and arrangements for the construction of a new industrialized and strong city, the special class adheres to the high position and system planning, it will work out a work plan, carry out a number of online investigations, establish an enterprise database, form a set of working mechanism "four one", and solidly promote the development of our city's characteristic metal material industry by leaps and bounds.

Centering on the compilation of a work plan, the special class deeply docks with Hejun Group, studies and analyzes the industrial development trend, scientifically plans the development path, constructs a hierarchical, scientific and pragmatic planning system, and defines the work thought. form the industrial chain development map, industrial development task list, formulate a specific action plan for the construction of chain extension chain and strong chain, and draw a blueprint for industrial development under the guidance of high-quality planning.

The special class actively responded to the impact of the epidemic, innovated its working methods, and jointly carried out online research on a number of leading enterprises with various counties, cities, districts and high-tech zones, in the form of reporting on the situation of counties, cities and high-tech zones, written exchanges of enterprises, and telephone return visits of special shifts, etc., timely understand the current development situation, restrictive factors, and development demands of enterprises, and organize and form the research report to be sent to the chain leader and the commissioner.

The special class has set up an enterprise situation database covering 17 items, such as main business, scale, upstream and downstream chains, technological renovation projects, forward-looking technology, development planning, problem suggestions, etc., to find out the basic situation of the enterprise, industry ranking, development potential, upstream and downstream supporting needs, as well as the overall situation of regulated enterprises, specialized and innovative and listed seed enterprises in the industrial chain. It has laid a good foundation for the next accurate formulation of "one enterprise, one policy".

In order to improve the quality and efficiency of the special class, the special class has set up three internal organizations, namely, the Comprehensive Coordination Group, the Industrial Planning Group and the Project Promotion Group. At the same time, it has established the "five working mechanisms" of the division of labor and responsibility system, the workbench account system, the regular meeting system, the enterprise guarantee system, and the problem consultation system, keeping close track of progress and implementation, so as to provide quality services and a first-class business environment for enterprises. to promote the high-quality development of the industry.