Furring Hat Channel.How to tell whether the fur is true or false?

Furring Hat Channel.How to tell whether the fur is true or false? Artificial fur at a glance, either too bright, glossiness distortion, or hair tangled, untidy.

Artificial furs that mimic animal patterns, like other textiles, are usually repeated in a regular and orderly manner and look perfect. A real animal fur pattern can't be so perfect. Usually a coat needs multiple pieces of fur to be spliced together, so it is impossible to be as consistent as artificial fur in terms of color and pattern.

Peel off the fur to separate the hair on both sides to see the inside of the skin, there are pores, is the appearance of growth, a hair follicle can grow 3-9 hairs. In general, fur is spliced, not the whole piece, observe the interface between one piece of skin and another piece of skin, and then compare the color of the two pieces of skin, the length of hair, and the number and thickness of each pore are different. These are different from artificial furs.

If you pull the quilt hard, it can not be pulled into natural fur, while the one who pulls it is artificial fur. Or for light test hair, natural fur quilt has longer and harder needle hairs, thicker bristles and soft fluff, the length of all kinds of hair varies, and different parts, length, density and feel of the whole skin are different, while artificial fur is generally neat and glossy.

Pluck a few hairs, burn it with a lighter, the real fur has the smell of animal burning, like the original taste of barbecue, and then look at the fire, it will not be very hot, because the content of oil is very small. After flameout, twist the ash ball by hand, it is easy to read into powder, no caking, no particle pimples, this is the characteristic of animal hair. Artificial fur is processed with chemical fiber and forms a ball after burning, which is twisted into particles by hand.

The culling of minks in European countries has had an impact on the fur trade. Most of the world's animal fur comes from Europe, and the total output value of fur trade is about 191.7 billion yuan.

On Saturday morning, despite the sleet weather, the mink collection opened in Dongkou Village, Li County, Hebei Province. The sudden drop in temperature means another peak season for local fur businessmen. Early in the morning, vendors who came to the mink skin bazaar in the rain soon filled the awning and began to trade.

Domestic mink skin production has dropped year by year after reaching its peak around 2014, and the supply in 2019 is less than that of the peak period. Coupled with the news that major raw material producing countries such as Denmark and the Netherlands have given up the mink farming industry, the market has certain expectations for the rise in fur prices.