Furring Channel Lowe's.The difference between metallic materials

Furring Channel Lowe's.The difference between metallic materials. White steel, also known as high-speed steel, is a kind of alloy material with high hardness, which is used to make cutting tools, such as turning tools on lathes, drills on drilling machines, hob on machines, and saw blades for machines.

White steel is an alloy of tungsten, molybdenum, chromium, vanadium and cobalt, which is characterized by high hardness, high wear resistance and high heat resistance. The surface is smooth, pure, free of inclusions and cracks, and is a complex type of steel, which is divided into tungsten high-speed steel (tungsten content 9-18%), tungsten-molybdenum system (tungsten 5%-12%, molybdenum 2%-6%), vanadium high speed steel (vanadium 2%-5%), cobalt white steel (cobalt 5%-10%), high molybdenum high speed steel (tungsten 2%, molybdenum 5%-10%). One of its characteristics is that it has red-hard property, that is, when it is heated up to 500 ℃, its hardness is as cool as before, and its basic properties remain unchanged after heating, such as tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, cobalt and other high-speed steels. It is widely used in the industrial cutting industry, and it is an irreplaceable material in the cutting industry. Its price is nearly 20,000 yuan per ton, about 8 to 10 yuan per jin.

Silver has been a precious metal since ancient times, which is widely used in the manufacture of jewelry and money (money and silver, silver dollars), utensils and other fields. Silver is pure white in color, good in gloss, weak and soft in texture, strong in extensibility and among acids such as falling nitric acid, with a density of 10.5g / cu cm, its melting point is 961C and boiling point is 2212 ℃. It is characterized by good thermal conductivity. It is widely used in the electrical industry, photosensitive materials, industrial ornaments and craft ornaments. In ancient times, silver was not only used in currency production and craft jewelry industry, but also in daily household appliances, such as silver bowls, silver spoons, silver chopsticks and so on. Its price has always been very high, now the price of silver per gram is between 5 yuan and 6 yuan, the price in ancient times varies with the purchasing power of the price. Silver has been discovered and used by our ancestors since ancient times. in ancient times, silver was used as a currency to buy and sell things, but now the storage of silver is reduced, its market output is small, and the price has always been relatively high, so it is called precious metals.

White copper is a kind of alloy copper, which turns white after copper and nickel-zinc alloy, and is called white copper. Its material is generally made of more than 25% nickel. It is characterized by corrosion resistance, medium strength, good electrical properties, easy molding, and can be processed under hot and cold pressure. Its density is 7.89 grams per cubic centimeter, and its weight is similar to that of ordinary copper. It is widely used in electric power industry, petrochemical industry, construction industry, precision instrument industry, medical device industry, musical instrument manufacturing industry. In ancient times, white copper in our society generally did not contain nickel, such as copper-tin white copper, copper-zinc white copper and so on. In ancient times, Yunnan white copper was famous for its alloy ratio of 40% copper, 25.4% zinc, 31.6% iron and 2.6% nickel. Later, the white copper produced by the method of adding nickel from Europe was called "Chinese white copper" or "Chinese silver". In ancient times, items such as hookahs, dry pipes, ink boxes, noodle boxes and other items made of white copper became historical objects, and there were other historical periods, such as the history of making money with white copper in the Sui Dynasty, that is, five baht money, from which we can see that white copper has been discovered and used by the ancients since ancient times and became the first country in the world to make use of white copper. The spot price is 65.6yuan per jin, the recycling price is more than 30 yuan per jin, and the price per ton is more than 100000 yuan.