Alargamiento del canal furtivo.El último y más fresco "luminoso"

Furring channel length.The latest and coolest "luminous". Konekt is a furniture and lighting design studio designed by mother-daughter design combination Helena and Natasha Sultan, dedicated to creating tactile works while attracting the senses.

The entrance wall lamps are a tribute to Mexican modernist silver ornaments, especially the shape of geometric perfume bottles, which are locally made of welded brass in Pennsylvania and are rectangular or square in shape and made by hand.

Both are characterized by repeated shapes cut inside the brass and inlaid with frosted glass astigmatists that highlight the depth of the metal and echo the warm light from the inside.

Richard Clarkson Studios (Richard Clarkson Studio) is an art and design company based in Brooklyn that specializes in celestial-motivated lighting products and installations.

The auroral pendant is a hanging lamp consisting of two flowing resin shapes, a dynamic LED light source and a frosted black aluminum reflector. With six resin shapes and four color choices, the product can be adjusted in many different colors from transparent to kaleidoscope.

The Aurora series tells the story of celestial navigation. According to NASA satellite images, it hopes to capture the feeling of flying through space and watch the aurora dance beneath the earth.

A scientifically accurate constellation from New York's point of view. This nearly 6-foot (2-meter) glowing work of art uses fiber-optic LED stars and custom programs to provide dazzling twinkle, which is probably different from anything you've ever seen before.

The work was inspired by the first American lunar landing program-on the night of July 20, 1969, commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin landed the Apollo lunar module Eagle. Six hours later, Neil Armstrong became the first man to set foot on the moon.

Lighting designer David Trubridge (David Trubridge) has rereleased his cloud light series with a more sustainable design, using bamboo instead of plastic.

The redesigned cloud series has now been given a "second new life". The new version is made almost entirely of bamboo plywood and horizontal strips. This allows light to penetrate while providing visual brightness similar to previous translucent plastic versions.

The lamp comes in two sizes and can come in 10 different colors, from red and pink to grayish green and blue.

"the idea of using plastics in products is a direct violation of my ethical standards, and I have been focused on sustainable materials and design practices," Trubridge explained. "

At the same time, the cloud lamp is delivered to the customer as a flat package kit, which can also save weight and space during transportation, so as to further reduce the carbon footprint of the product.

Montreal design studio Lambert&Fils used the Lock Dilemma to create four "siblings" for its popular Dorval 01 lights as part of the VDF x Sight Unseen collaboration for the first digital display.

Now, the series of lamps includes wall lamps, table lamps and floor lamps, as well as linear suspensions, each with the same rotating head as the original chandelier.

Dorval 01 balances four square LED on a cross-shaped aluminum frame and immediately won the relative category Interieur award when Kortrijk Biennial was first launched in 2018.

Samuel Lambert, founder of Lambert&Fils, said: "ever since we started developing Dorval 01, we have been planning to develop a complete series around it."

Only linear lamps have four separate caps, such as Dorval 01, each separated along a long aluminum pole and suspended horizontally from the ceiling, which can be used to illuminate long dining tables or desks in the office.

The new series also introduces beige and midnight blue to the original palette, including white, black, aluminum and light blue.

It is hoped that expanding the product line in this way will make the design more generic and accessible, while still maintaining the same visual language.

"the series is both technical and beautiful, and it's still avantgarde," said Morgane Pluchon of the SCMP design office.

The silver satin effect is achieved through fine brushed steel, making everyday objects of great significance-it is not only a lamp in the environment, but also echoes the external shape of the Egyptian obelisk.

The tortoise shell effect inserts the block into a dialogue between the light source and the supporting structure and will become the central focus in any space it occupies.

Nostalgia of scenery is a series of furniture about leaving emotional traces in the places we love.

The first object in the series, the Horizon, is a ray of light, symbolizing the tipping point between day and darkness.

As the surrounding light darkens, its indirect lighting becomes more intense, revealing the original perception of time through symbolic dawning elsewhere.

By blending the bottom design in the molten rock, this object opens up a new visual experience.

Palm Row is the designer Winston Cuevas's first lighting project, breaking the line between abstract palm tree sculptures and environmental floor lamps.

It has rows of adjustable light bulbs arranged symmetrically on a marble concrete base and is equipped with bronzed brass palm leaves.

This work is part of the "Natural allusions" series in which designers recast natural objects related to the idea of heaven.

Cuevas is a New York designer dedicated to creating excellent limited edition items, furniture and lighting.

Oft Geometry's Elio series sees frosted translucent resin tubes stacked on top of each other, forming the basis for a series of different lamp types.

During the day when the lights are turned off in the room, the resin tube will gently maintain and emit light, while when the light is turned on, the resin tube will act as an opaque solid.