Furring Channel Clips Strength

Furring Channel Clips Strength.Seismic Design and Earthquake Resilience

Recent events have given rise to closer scrutiny of seismic compliance on construction projects.For many installers of non-structural building elements,compliance can be a complex and onerous task.But it doesn’t have to be.Hopestar’s engineers and our certifying partners have the technical expertise and practical know-how to provide straight-forward seismic solutions for walls and ceilings of all shapes and sizes.Our seismic solutions have been developed through scientific research into past earthquakes,advances in computer simulations and analysis,component level testing,knowledge sharing with our US-based partner team and collaboration with experienced seismic engineering consultants.When you use Hopestar’s advanced seismic solutions,you can build with confidence.

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A Reputation of Engineering Success

Whether it be a grand stadium to seat thousands,or a 100-storey high-rise tower,or a blast-proof military base of national importance,our unique advantage in providing optimised designs for some of Australia’s most challenging projects starts with our creative engineering team.For more than 30 years,Hopestar has been successfully bringing together the many and various elements of the construction industry to create enduring buildings of excellence,and we look forward to working alongside you on your next project.

Steel studs&top hats to support heavy stone cladding

Steel stud wall system in external load-bearing walls

HEDA Tough Wall System used in external infill walls

Engineered jambs&lintels for large window openings

CLT&steel stud combination in load-bearing structure

External seismic walls for heavy marble cladding


Tall walls up to 15m high for retail tenancy separation

Complex connections at structural steel elements

Heavy duty suspended walls in seismic building

High external walls with heavy cladding in hospital(seismic)

Anti-creaking treatment applied to internal partition wall

Lightweight partition walls for apartment building

Ceilings and Bulkheads

Acoustic ceiling in extreme vibration application

Heavy fittings applied to lightweight suspended ceiling

Curved bulkheads for heavy feature cladding

Ceiling in heritage building with severely cracked concrete

Seismic acoustic suspended ceiling in noisy environment

Curved ceiling and bulkhead combination

Detailed bulkhead with high static load

Seismic engineered ceiling for high-rise apartments

External soffit ceiling in high wind location

Let’s grow together.We have advanced production equipment,leading production techniques,and strictly quality control.And We manufacture products from high-quality steel coils,products,and sales service make as your one-stop decoration construction supply shop.Hopestar Building is the senior steel manufacturer,the factory has more than 50 sets of production lines for galvanized steel profiles,T grid,and Accessories.The annual product quantity is 20,000 Tons.The factory has developed business with South America,Europe,Africa,and Oceania.we supply and have a commitment to making customers’projects a reality.