Furring Channel Cad Block.The competition pattern of metal material industry

Furring Channel Cad Block.The competition pattern of metal material industry. The superalloy and high performance alloy industry requires high technical level, has high comprehensive barriers to entry, and the competition pattern at home and abroad is relatively stable.

The overseas superalloy industry shows an obvious oligopoly structure, with less than 50 manufacturers engaged in superalloy materials in the world, including Precision Castparts Corporation ("PCC"), CarpenterTechnology Corporation ("Carpenter"), ATI, Haynes International, INC ("Harrington alloy") and other companies, mainly distributed in the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Russia, Japan and other countries. Because of the strategic attribute of superalloy and its correlation with the development of key industries and key equipment, western countries have imposed a blockade on some superalloy products and brands in China for the sake of national defense and security and national competitive position. at the same time, many high-end manufacturing fields, including aerospace, have high requirements for the localization rate of raw materials. at present, the production capacity of domestic superalloy enterprises is mainly to meet internal demand. There is less competition with overseas leaders.

The research and production of superalloy and high-performance alloy materials in China are mainly special steel enterprises, scientific research institutes and their subordinate enterprises. Due to the high barriers to entry, the number of enterprises producing superalloys and high-performance alloys in China is limited. At present, superalloys and high-performance alloy enterprises are mainly divided into three categories, including special steel enterprises, scientific research institutes and their subordinate enterprises and private enterprises. Special steel enterprises are represented by Fushun Special Steel, which is characterized by large production capacity and wide variety of products. Scientific research institutes and subordinate enterprises mainly include Beijing Aeronautical Materials Research Institute (621), Metal Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Western Superconductor and Steel Research Gaoner, which is characterized by outstanding technical strength and wide product coverage. Private enterprises include Tunan shares, Longda shares, Sichuan Liuhe Special Metal Materials Co., Ltd., etc., private enterprise system is flexible, enterprises have their own characteristics and advantages. Benefiting from the rapid growth of downstream demand, the industry's leading capacity expansion contributes to the improvement of performance. In recent years, with the acceleration of downstream weapons and equipment and the huge demand for domestic replacement of aero-engines, domestic superalloy and high-performance alloy enterprises have raised funds to expand production. However, because of the high barriers caused by high technology and long cycle of superalloys and high-performance alloys, it is difficult for new entrants to scale up, and the capacity increment mainly comes from the expansion of existing enterprises.

The development of products and materials in high-quality special steel industry requires long-term technological accumulation and innovation. In the foreign market, Carpenter, Daido Steel Co.Ltd ("Japan Datong"), Buderus Edelstahl GmbH ("Germany Budrus"), Sandvik AB ("Sweden Sandvik") and other enterprises have been operating for more than 100 years. Through long-term and gradual technological innovation, they have become the world's leading high-quality special steel enterprises.

The main participants in domestic high-quality special steel industry include large-scale high-quality special steel enterprises and private special steel enterprises. Large-scale high-quality special steel enterprises include Fushun Special Steel, Baosteel Special Steel, Shanxi Taigang stainless Steel Co., Ltd.; private high-quality special steel enterprises mainly include Yongxing materials, the majority of special materials and other enterprises. it has its advantages in the field of subdivided products.