7/8 Resilient Furring Channel.What kinds of fur do you have?

7/8 Resilient Furring Channel.What kinds of fur do you have? Sable, which is only produced in Russia, is also known as Sable, which was once the exclusive product of the czar and is still exported in limited quantities.

Its hair is light and long and narrow, in which the brown with blue is the crown sable, while the gold marten has a beautiful amber hue. The sable hair is made of supple brown and long silky black hair, while the highest quality is evenly mixed with silver-white needle hair.

[otter] alias Water Dog, it has a beautiful, dense undercoat, delicate feel, rich and uniform texture, and is not easily soaked by water.

[silver rat skin] the coat is like snow, shiny and shiny, and there is no miscellaneous hair. The needle hairs and villi are of the same length. The leather board is soft and flexible, ups and downs freely, because of the convenient modeling, it is deeply loved by fashion designers.

[muskrat] alias blue-eyed mink, its back is brown gradually to brown, the hair base and ventral hair are light gray. The skin is thick and fluffy, the needle hair is bright, and the winter skin is especially soft and smooth.

[beaver skin] the back hair is dark brown, the abdominal hair is brown-gray, there are longer needle hairs on the brown-gray bottom, and the hair tips of brown, black or brown and yellow, the hair is long and thick, but the color is different.

Another member of the five major families of minks (sable, flower mink, gauze mink, peace mink, mink). Its back is dark brown and the tip of its tail is black. Mink skin is light and soft. Among them, the finished products of female mink are more expensive.

[Fox fur] Fox fur is one of the most popular furs, with fine and elastic fur and a variety of natural colors, such as silver fox, white fox, red fox and gray fox. Among them, the valuable species are MARBLE FOX with brown and white pattern and golden island fox with golden color. At present, the fashionable fur fashion focuses on the design and fashion trend, and its value changes with the change of fashion style.

How to distinguish the quality of fur:

Hair quality: the quality of hair should be measured in the following ways: first of all, "look". The tentacles of high-quality fur are soft, the hair should be dense and shiny, and the coat color is the same. The next step is to "touch", that is, to brush the fur up and behind with your hand. if you find that there is no bald hair or broken hair tip or dark fur, and the fur feels soft and plump, such fur is an excellent product. Finally, "smell", which requires that the fur has no peculiar smell.

Workmanship: the workmanship of fur is also a very important aspect to determine the quality of fur. when choosing fur, we should pay attention to whether the seams of each piece of fur are smooth and strong, and the seams of good handicrafts are too fine to show any trace.

Fit: of course, whether you choose traditional, elegant or fashionable fur fashion, the most important thing is to fit, to be able to set off your temperament and meet your needs. When choosing a fur size, it should be more or less loose, because it is, after all, a winter dress, which not only looks noble, but also has a better effect of keeping warm.