1/2 Furring Channel Strength

1/2 Furring Channel Strength.What is a Stud Wall?

Stud walls are a fundamental element in constructing room partitions.Stud frames are made from lengths of wood or metal that create the wall’s structure.The frame is then covered with drywall or plasterboard,before being painted.A typical internal stud wall is comprised of stud and track lengths and can require the use of noggings depending on the wall height and lining configuration.

Steel Studs vs Timber Studs

Timber has been used to build wall frames on structural projects for many years,however the market is now seeing the value in making the change to cold formed steel studs.There are benefits and disadvantages to be considered when deciding whether wooden or steel studs would best suit your project needs.

Hopestar Submittal Builder

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Below are things to consider when using timber studs:

Timber is easily sourced and convenient to find.

When using good quality timber,the frames are durable however they do require extra maintenance.

Timber walls are easier to shape on site using tools.However,they need to be straightened and planed resulting in extra time and costs.

Timber needs additional protection against decay,rot and termites to maintain longevity.

Timber is highly combustible,and framing can be structurally affected in the event of a fire.

Timber inevitably increases the amount of waste on site.

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