Ceiling steel profile scope of Use

Ceiling steel profile scope of Use.ACCEPTANCE/RETURN:All orders for Goods shall be subject to acceptance by Hopestar as directed by Hopestar.

Customer shall not return and Goods actually delivered to Customer without the consent of,and upon terms agreed to,by Hopestar.Hopestar may,in its absolute discretion,accept the return of standard Goods to the credit of the Customer provided that such Goods are returned to its factory unused and undamaged before the expiration o 14 days after their delivery to Customer and Customer agrees to pay a handling and administration change equal to 10 per cent of the price.No returns of special products will be accepted.

CLAIMS:No claims in reference to items covered by these Terms and Conditions will be recognized unless made in writing within 7 days of delivery.If no such claim is made,Hopestar and Customer will understand that the Goods have been accepted.By accepting the Goods,Customer acknowledges that Hopestar’s performance has fully satisfied all terms,conditions and specifications.

PRICE:The price is that price quoted by Hopestar in respect of the particular order and not in any brochure or other product information published.Prices do not include sales,use,excise,or similar taxes.Consequently,the amount of any present or future sales,use or similar tax applicable to the sale or use of the Goods shall be paid by Customer.The Customer shall arrange or bear the cost of delivery,freight and insurance,unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Hopestar.A price quotation not accepted by Customer within 30 days may be changed by Hopestar.Refer to the Hopestar Quotation and Merchandising Policy for more information.

PAYMENT/DELINQUENCY CHARGE:Payment terms are net thirty(30)days from the date of Hopestar’s invoice.Hopestar reserves the right to charge interest at one and one-half(1-1/2)percent per month,or eighteen(18)percent per annum,on all balances not paid by Customer within the designated net terms.Hopestar reserves the right to require payment prior to the time of shipment if,in Hopestar’s opinion,exercised in Hopestar’s subjective judgment,Customer’s financial condition has deteriorated or the risk of non-payment has otherwise increased.

DELIVERY AND FREIGHT CHARGES:All delivery dates are approximates only and basked upon prompt receipt of all necessary information from Customer.Notwithstanding any request by Customer,Hopestar shall ship Goods to Customer via transportation as determined by Hopestar and will be observed subject to Hopestar’s ability to effect transport by available means.Rick of loss shall pass to Customer at the F.O.B.point.Hopestar will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage whatsoever,including loss of income and/or profits,incidental,special or consequential damages,resulting from any delay in or failure of performance of supply or delivery of Goods whatsoever.

LIMITED WARRANTY/DAMAGES:Hopestar warrants that Goods sold hereunder shall be free from defects in material and workmanship at the time of shipment from Hopestar’s facility or other place of shipment.THIS LIMITED WARRANTY IS THE ONLY WARRANTY MADE BY Hopestar,AND IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES.EXPRESS OR IMPLIED ALL OTHER WARRANTIES WHETHER EXPRESS,IMPLIED,STATUTORY,OR OTHERWISE CREATED UNDER APPLICABLE LAW,INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY,FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR USE,OR NON-INFRINGEMENT,ARE EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMED AND EXCLUDED,IN NO EVENT SHALL Hopestar BE LIABLE(AND CUSTOMER SHALL NOT ASSERT ANY CLAIM)FOR SPECIAL,INCIDENTAL,COMPENSATORY OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES,INCLUDING LOSS OF PROFITS.CUSTOMER’S SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDIES UNDER THIS WARRANTY SHALL BE LIMITED AT Hopestar’S EXCLUSIVE DISCRETION,TO:(1)REPLACEMENT OF ANY DEFECTIVE GOODS OR PART THEREOF:(2)REPAIR OF ANY DEFECTIVE FOODS OR PART THEREOF:OR(3)RETURN OF THE PURCHASE PRICE FOR ANY DEFECTIVE GOODS OR PART THEREOF:IN NO EVENT SHALL CUSTOMER SEEK OR RECOVER PUNITIVE OR EXEMPLARY DAMAGES.The warranty and remedy set forth above are conditioned upon the proper storage,use and maintenance of the Goods and conformance with all applicable recommendations of Hopestar with respect to the Goods.No agent,employee or representative of Hopestar(or any distributor,dealer or sales representative of Hopestar)has the authority to bind Hopestar to any affirmation,representation or warranty concerning the Goods sold hereunder,and unless such affirmation,representation or warranty is specifically included in these Terms and Conditions.It shall not form a part of the basis of these Terms and Conditions and shall in no way be binding upon Hopestar or enforceable by Customer.Except as expressly agreed to by Hopestar in writing,the Goods are not rated or certified for any particular application or environment.

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