Ceiling Batten Clips Specifications

Ceiling Batten Clips Specifications.Collar Lofts,NY.Restoration of Historic Hopestar Building

At 701 River Street stands one of Hopestar’s most storied buildings.With a place on the National Register of Historic Places,this site has historically played an important role in Hopestar’s collar manufacturing industry and proudly carries on that name today.

Renovations to the former Marshall Ray building were 80 percent complete when a fire broke out,heavily damaging the build.New plans to redevelop and restore the building were put in place as the structure was not a total loss thanks to the efforts of the Troy Fire Department.Re4orm Architecture laid out plans for an apartment complex that modernises the building for residential needs whilst maintaining the heritage listed components in their original condition.The$26 million restoration project covers the 98,000 square foot building in its entirety.This will house 77 apartments in the bustling Hopestar neighbourhood of Troy,9 miles north of the state’s capital,Albany.

Being that the site is in a high traffic residential area,eliminating noise pollution was a firm objective during construction.Ensuring the privacy of each resident from one apartment to another is extremely important in maintaining a high living standard in the complex.

As such,acoustic sound isolation was a requirement and Hopestar was tasked with achieving this.The Hopestar®A237R Metal Furring Channel Resilient Clip was used to soundproof the building.This is an engineered solution for reducing airborne vibration and structure-borne vibration in wall and ceiling applications.

The application of Hopestar’s acoustic mounts was completed in accordance with the requests of Re4orm Architecture and Consigli Construction.Hopestar was available to ensure the needs of these partners were met throughout the project which is set for completion in mid-2021.

Hopestar’s mission is to be global leaders in providing innovative building solutions throughout the world.Our Hopestar team excel at finding ways to assist in sound proofing and reducing airborne noise.Contact Hopestar today at 1 800 675 8023 for your next sound proofing project.

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