What is Ceiling steel profile

What is Ceiling steel profile.Structural Angles&Flat Strap

Hopestar Australia delivers engineering leadership and innovative design solutions for cold formed steel(CFS)and light gauge steel(LGS)structures and building elements.Our unique advantage is derived from the merging of three essential elements of modern engineering:a collaborative professional culture,a passion to solve our clients’challenges and a mission to change construction through innovation.

Hopestar’s range of Utility Angles and Flat Strap are manufactured in the US,using premium quality American steel and come in a minimum G60 Galvanized coating.

Exterior Structural Angles

A fast and easy way of creating openings in walls.

Asking tough questions and actively listening to our customer’s needs helps Hopestar find a better way to build and achieve optimal engineering outcomes.These designs are not always the most common methodologies or accepted practises.These designs sometimes cut across conventional thinking and industry norms.That’s because we take our mission seriously:to change construction through innovation.At Hopestar,our customers and our engineers are an integral part of our drive for meaningful innovation and impactful change.When we all come together with and open mind and a common purpose,grand designs can be achieved.

Lightweight steel framing is a specialised engineering field that requires experience,expertise and a practical mindset.Our experienced engineers offer industry-leading,value-engineered solutions for various essential elements within the building envelope including…

Walls–internal&external,load bearing&non-load bearing

Ceilings–internal&external,load bearing&non-load bearing

Seismic walls&ceilings

Acoustic walls&ceilings

Fire-rated walls&ceilings

Bulkheads&complex features

Top hats&façade cladding

Anti-creaking treatment for tall buildings

Modular construction&prefabrication

Let’s grow together.We have advanced production equipment,leading production techniques,and strictly quality control.And We manufacture products from high-quality steel coils,products,and sales service make as your one-stop decoration construction supply shop.Hopestar Building is the senior steel manufacturer,the factory has more than 50 sets of production lines for galvanized steel profiles,T grid,and Accessories.The annual product quantity is 20,000 Tons.The factory has developed business with South America,Europe,Africa,and Oceania.we supply and have a commitment to making customers’projects a reality.